If you would like to join Blackdown Acapella here's how

Becoming a member of our chorus is a straight forward process.

We firstly invite you to attend one of our chorus rehearsal evenings so that you can get a feel for what we are and how we sing.  If you are interested in joining after this we then register you as a Limited Member to our website. This gives you restricted access to the audition material and information needed, and you can make a start on your audition process

The audition process is in two parts.

We ask you to learn a track and perform this track within 4 weeks with a quartet from the chorus.  This is then listened to by the Director and management team to decide if you are right for Blackdown Acapella.  On being successful with this first track you are given a second track to learn and you repeat the process, again 4 weeks to performing the track.

Once the Director and management team agree that you would be a great addition to the chorus you become a member.  You are then issued with Regular Member Access to our website.

This audition process has 2 aims.  Firstly to check that this form of singing is what you want to do and secondly for the management team to confirm that you have the ability, drive and enthusiasm to join this progressive competitive chorus.

The rewards of becoming a member are many.  We have a vast resource of learning material, Teacher tracks, sheet music, warm up exercises, tags and techniques to improve your singing.  All at your fingertips on our website with full member access.

To make a start on your singing journey please contact Zelda on 07864 848442 to arrange a suitable evening to visit with us.

Good luck!!!
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